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In The Name of Work

“Knowing User Fit, It Works!” Said Dr. Jacob Greenshpan

“Does this look good? Does it work?” These are unsolvable issues when designers want their products to work best, which is why Dr. Jacob Greenshpan has taken on a role as a UX and UI design consultant for software around the world to deal with the issues and satisfy his customers with the best products.


To reach the success ladder of each product, the designers have to go through many different stages of work including conducting research, creating, running a beta test, observing users’ behavior, as well as getting the users to tell the truth in order to find a “match” between them and the product. Even the consultant himself complains that it is a “hard to very hard” job.


Explore the world of ‘users’ and ‘user-pleasing’ design together with Itim – Parit Wacharasindhu. Highly recommended to all designers!


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